Design & Build Is A Project Delivery Mechanism Where The Design And Construction Both Aspects Are Contracted For With A Single Entity. Under This Approach A Central Figure Of Designer Is Held Total Project Accountable From Inception To Completion, The Design Builder Is The Key Organizational Figure Strictly Liable To The Clients For Defects, Delays And Losses. This System Is Used To Minimize The Project Risk For A Client And To Reduce The Delivery Schedule By Overlapping The Design Phase And Build Phase Of A Project.

Benefits Of Design & Build

Single Point Responsibility Instead Of Having Several Contractors And Consultants Client Has Just One Entity To Deal With. Single Point Of Contact Allows A Certain Degree Of Flexibility For The Client. Also It Enables Superior Risk Management For The Client. With A Single Point Of Responsibility For Quality, Cost And Schedule Adherence Clients Are Able To Focus On Scope And Timely Decision Making, Rather Than Coordinating Between Designers, Associated Consultants And Numerous Contractors.
Cost Saving

Design & Build Project Delivery Is A Single Point Entity Responsible For Design & Construction Both Enabling The Client With A Fixed Construction Cost Early In The Project. As Constructors Costing Is Based On Rate Analysis & Facts Rather Than Assumptions. The Cost Of The 'Unknowns' Or 'Extras' Is Minimal; Almost 70% Of Traditional Contracts End Up Over Budget, Compared To Design & Build Which Is Only Around 25-30% Over Budget. The Overage Of A Design & Build Project Is Generally Owner Driven, Whereas The Overage In The More Traditional Method Tends To Be A Result Of The Budget Disconnect To Which Many Architects And Other Design Professionals Are Prone.

It Is Also Possible The Budgets Are Not As Often Exceeded Because They Are Higher In The First Place Since Much Of The Work May Not Be Competitively Bid. The Biggest Saving Is In The Elimination Of Layers Of Mark Ups Of Contractors And Sub-Contractors In Traditional System.

Time Saving In Design & Build Project Delivery The Initial Time Saving Is In Elimination Of The Bid Phase Between Design And Construction. Also It Saves Further By Overlapping Design And Construction Activities. Any Delays Or Non-Performance Can Be Addressed Quickly And Effectively Without Getting Into Contractual Issues And Time Wasting Procedures. Real Time Solutions Needed To Encounter Problems At Project Deliveries Becomes Much Faster & Accurate As Both The Aspect Of Design & Constructions Are Controlled By A Single Point Entity In Design & Build Delivery.
Innovation In Design Design & Build Nurtures Far More Innovation, Creativity And Project Control Than Any Other Modes Of Delivery. Incorporating Constructor Knowledge Early Into Design Process Results In Creative Design And Construction Solutions With Greater Ease & Flexibility. Being A Single Entity Responsible For Both Design & Construction The Challenges Of Designing Most Workable Design & Executing Most Designer Patterns Are Balanced With Great Professional Ease, Command & Comfort.
Design & Build Growth The Popularity Of Design & Build Project Delivery Is Growing Rapidly. The Growth Is Fuelled By The Clients Who Are Attracted Towards It Single Point Responsibility & Reduced Delivery Time.
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