VASTUSHASHTRA means the science of construction it may be a residence, commercial unit, hospital, temple etc. VASTUSHASHTRA brings PEACE, PROSPERITY & HOLISTIC JOY to the place designed & build using this art of science. "DHAN" "DHANYA" "BHOG" "BHAGYA" AND MENTAL PEACE is ensured when one uses this art of science.


  1. In an interior design main door of an apartment should not face a toilet or a bathroom or a dead wall.

  2. In interior design layout main door of an apartment should be free from obstruction also there should be no obstruction outside the main door.

  3. Interior decoration setup should have no mirror, television or any other reflecting item In the front of the main door.

  4. Avoid apartment above slit floor or below overhead water tank.

  5. In an interior décor avoid photos or paintings of war, battles or armed forces or ugly faces or ugly idols etc.

  6. In an interior décor avoid keeping "Bonsai' or Cactus in the apartment or an office.

  7. In an interior design avoid open book shelves.

  8. Interior décor should not have mirror in the front of the bed or on the ceiling of the bed room.

  9. Do not use double bed with two separate mattresses.

  10. Do not sleep in the front of door or on the bare ground.

  11. Interior décor should not have fish bowl or Aquarium or scene of waterfall or beach in the bed room, It affects the relationship between married couples badly.

  12. Remove all the clutter from your house and from your life because clutter holds people back for bright future.

  13. Toilet door should always be closed and brooms and mops hidden.

  14. Interior design plan should not have open window behind you while working in the-office or home.

  15. Interior design layout should not have sitting with your back to your main door.

  16. Do not whistle at night or at the time of sunset.

  17. Avoid leaky taps and water pipes and choked drains etc.

  18. Do not keep old junk and non operative machinery or clocks at home or office.

  19. Interior décor setup should have fish tank at the left side of your main door inside the house.

  1. Park your vehicle in the garage in out going position so next day when you go out for work you should not start your day by moving in reverse.

  2. Arrange interior setup so that your furniture forms a square or rectangular shape in the room.

  3. Corners of apartment should be always kept clean and brighten.

  4. In an interior design windows should open outward and doors should open inward.

  5. In an interior décor arrangement keep the picture of mountains and greenery behind you this gives good support in an office or in an apartment wherever work area is.

  6. Architecturally staircase stepping upwards to West or South leads to prosperity in the house.

  7. Architecturally avoid staircase in centre of your apartment.

  8. In an interior layout avoid main door facing lift door.

  9. Interior design plan should have commode in toilet in 'North-South' or 'East-West'.

  10. Interior décor arrangement should always be heavier in south than north.

  11. Do not place the calendar, clock over a door or on a door.

  12. In interior design layout there should not be three doors in line.

  13. Keep main door free from shoes garbage or clutters.

  14. In an interior design plan main door should be single shutter, If not make double shutter of same size & opening should be inward.

  15. In an interior design plan Living room should be with maximum windows and air ventilation.

  16. Always keep your wardrobe, safe etc. facing north.

  17. Keep north east of your house clear from any obstruction and always keep it clean.

  18. Do not keep any obstruction or sleep at the Centre of your apartment because this is the Bramhasthan.

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